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June 4-6, 2024

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Workshop Outline

What to expect over our 3 days together

    1. Welcome!!

    1. Morning Practice - Visualization Meditation & Journalling

    2. Lecture - Spiritual Business Practices

    3. The Picture of Yoga

    4. Lecture - Core Values

    5. Question & Answer

    6. Evening Practice - End of the Day Integration

    1. Morning Practice - Visualization Meditation & Journalling

    2. Interactive Lecture - Pick a Path

    3. Lecture - Getting (More) Clients

    4. Interactive Lecture - Clarity & Authenticity

    5. Question & Answer

    6. Evening Practice - End of the Day Integration

    1. Morning Practice - Visualization Meditation & Journalling

    2. Lecture - Yoga Marketing

    3. Lecture - A Lawyer's Perspective on Yoga Business

    4. Final Lecture - Bringing It All Together

    5. Question & Answer

    6. Evening Practice - End of the Day Integration

    1. Our Offer & Thanks

About this course

  • Free
  • 20 lessons
  • Live via Zoom

Daily Business Building Lectures

Join us everyday for 3 90min lectures and a 60 minute Q&A for live attendees! Together we will dive into:

  • DAY 1 : Mindset work: Get clear on where you are (subconscious beliefs) and where you want to go (clear and specific goals) and how to cross the gap to the life you want. I will walk you through it!

  • DAY 2 : Direction and Plan for your Business: Find your direction, clarify your message and attract your clients with a strong social media presence and a rock solid plan to follow.

  • DAY 3 : Technical Business Stuff: Be specific in your marketing, learn some tips about books, accounting, taxes, payment processors and more, get clear on how to keep your business protected & yourself safe and how to create multiple streams of income that will create consistent income.

Bonus material

These 3 days will be FULL out, therefore I suggest some supportive practices that help to start the day off with the most important thing we can do every day, as well as an evening practice to support us in transitioning into our normal lives and processing all the information brought forth during the day.

  • Bonus material

    30 min Morning Routine

    Together we will start our sessions with clear minds and set up a morning routine that will 100% bring you success in your life and career.

  • Bonus material

    30 min Evening Transition

    At the end of a long and full day, we will spend conscious time to process the content of the day and support in transitioning back into home life.

  • Mastermind Offer

    $4500 discount

    To be transparent, at the end of the workshop is a no strings attached offer for a spot in the Modern Yoga Teacher Mastermind Beta Coaching Program. Regularly $4997 for $497. One time offer until June 10, 2024

Ready to learn to create a sustainable yoga business?

Learn the most important things you can do for your business...

Get clear on what you want to offer and then share it in your exact, unique voice to attract those that want to hear what you have to say. Yoga isn't what changes people, if that were true the whole world would have peace right now. Regardless, yoga had an effect on you and you now want to hold that space for your clients. Sharing more specific and focused expert information will support you with a clear message that attracts the right student that wants to hear all that you have to share. Learn the many paths you can take under one umbrella to set you up for consistent income. 

Immerse yourself in our FREE 3 day workshop - the Business of Yoga

Who We Are

At Modern Yoga Teacher,

we are all about helping yoga teachers be awesome at what they do while also making good money. We believe that knowing the ins and outs of yoga and business can help teachers succeed without burning out. We're here to create an simple and welcoming space where yoga teachers can learn about yoga, business principles like selling and promoting, and being super inclusive to everyone. Our values are all about being true to ourselves, being kind, and making sure everyone feels safe and respected. Our mission is to help yoga teachers figure out what they want in life, take care of themselves, and spread love and kindness everywhere they go. We want to be the go-to place for yoga teachers to learn and grow, both in their business skills and their personal journey.
A computer with a jungle background and candles, very yogi

Daily Schedule

What does each day look like in the Business of Yoga Workshop?

  • 9-9.30am PST - Daily Morning Routine - Learn the most important and effective thing you can do with your time!

  • 10-11.30am PST- Lectures - Specific to various aspects of business that will support you in growing and developing your yoga hobby into a sustainable business.

  • 12-1.30pm PST - Lectures - That include core values, social media posting & mindset focused practices.

  • 2-3.30pm PST - Lectures - Including marketing, attracting clients and business building foundations.

  • 4-5pm PST - Interactive Q&A for live participants to bring their own experiences and questions to the conversation.

  • 5.30-6pm PST- Evening Practice - A time for transition & processing back to home life. A short Yin, Nidra & Restorative practice

Facilitator & Public Speaker

Modern Yoga Teacher

Colynn Vosburgh

CEO & Business Coach

Throughout my entire life I have recognized two consistent strands – Teaching & Yoga. I am a teacher of Yoga. I am not of Southeast Asian descent and I have only spent a little bit of time in India, therefore my teachings are a fusion of the education and experiences in life, the medical field and my experience of the conscious community and personal development work. I believe in cultural appreciation and participate in furthering my awareness around the traditional teachings and I also find it important to support myself in modern day needs, including growth and business. As a Yoga Instructor I create and hold space that I have dubbed queer friendly, age friendly, body friendly and completely inclusive. My approach is deeply based on the concept that I am not a healer, rather a space holder and that through doing my own work and healing my own soul, I provide a space for you to do your work and heal yourself. Please check out what I have to offer.


  • What exactly are we learning about in the lectures?

    The lay out of the lessons include: Spiritual Business Practices, Subconscious & Conscious Mind, Core Values, Pick a Path, Getting More Clients, Clarity & Authenticity, Yoga Marketing, A Lawyer's Perspective on Yoga Business & Bringing It All Together.

  • Who are you to teach us about Yoga Business?

    My name is Colynn and I am 45 years old. I used to be an ER nurse that went to Medical School and quit it all to become a Holistic Yoga Teacher. I started teaching and quickly became a Yoga Teacher Trainer that has taught over 200 Yoga Teacher Trainings and coached thousands of people to success. I own 3 successful yoga businesses and offer you the path to create your own version of success.

  • What is the catch?

    There are no strings. There are many Teachers offering business coaching, often the programs offer solutions that sound great, yet require a big following or have you constantly busy hustling in the yoga community (not that there is anything wrong with that), yet I don't want to keep hustling. And what happens when something else goes on in the world? Having one stream of income can really affect your life if your business has no diversity. I want to share a larger solution with stronger integrity.

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